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Q1.The height of the levers seem to be at different heights. Do I need to adjust the height?

No, there is no necessary adjustment. The cover bolts need to be untightened and then retightened in the correct pattern to set the levers evenly.

Q2.The shape is different from the genuine product. Can we still use without any problems?

Although the shape is different from genuine parts, performance will experience no problems. It is necessary to check the interchangability of the product.

Q3.If the size is the same, can I use another part number?

Although the size may be the same, the performance of each item may be different. Please only use the specified application number and part.

Q4.We have installed the correct clutch to the vehicle, but we cannot disengage the clutch. Why does this happen?

Check the reference of the part number. Consider other reasons that are causing the problem.

Q5.Can you tell me the specifications?

Unfortunately we cannot reveal the prints and specifications for our products.

Q6.Does the Isuzu Twin-Clutch include the center plate?

The center plate is included in the Isuzu clutch set.

Q7.Does the Twin-Clutch include the discs?

Depending on the maker, please check the Twin-Clutch List.

Q8.There is a wire attached to the daiphragm spring, when can I take it off?

Once the clutch has been installed, please remove the wire. During installation the wire helps to keep pieces together for an easier installation. Please remove once installed.

Q9.Is the release bearing included with a Pull-Type Clutch Cover?

The release bearing is included for the commercial vehicle applications. The release bearing is not included for the passenger vehicle applications.

Q10.Is lever plate included with the clutch cover?

Please refer to the Lever Type Clutch Cover list for availability.