Explanation of variables at the end of the EXEDY number

Last Digit EXEDY Number Explanation
MMFD037MCeramic Metallic
NMFD066NLow Cost Alternative
PMFD003P Ceramic Metallic
SHND002SSpecial Facing
TFISD117TFHeavy Duty Clutch
UNSD004UUnity Clutch
UMMFD067UMCeramic Metallic Unity Clutch
UNMFD015UNLow Cost Alternative
USTFISD104USTFHeavy Duty Clutch
UTFISD128UTFHeavy Duty Clutch
UWHND009UWConbination Disc Clutch
UYTTYD078UYTSpecific for Yamato Truck
HND009WConbination Disc
YISD005YSilent Disc
YTFTYD107YTFHeavy Duty Clutch