Manual ClutchLocated between the engine and the transmission. The manual clutch transmits rotation from the engine to the drivetrain. Made up of a clutch cover and clutch disc.
Clutch CoverThe clutch cover is attached to the flywheel and serves to engage and disengage power via clutch disc.
Clutch DiscThe clutch disc is pressed by the clutch cover against the flywheel to transmit rotation.
Solid DiscA clutch disc without torsion springs.
Normal DiscA clutch disc with standard function, for general application.
Silent DiscThis product features additional functions to absorb noise and drive-related vibration in order to improve quietness when operating the engine.
OrganicA clutch disc made of organic friction materials.
MetallicA clutch disc made of metallic friction materials.
Combination DiscA clutch disc made of a combination of organic and metallic friction materials.
WADAbbreviation of Wide Angle Damper. A clutch disc equipped with high performance damping and enhanced vibration reduction characteristics to handle engines with high RPM variation, such as diesel and direct fuel injection engines.
Diaphragm SpringThe daiphragm spring is located in the clutch cover structure.
Pull Type ClutchA clutch cover designed for high performance vehicles.
Peak Cut ClutchClutch pedal pressure remains even during clutch disc wear. Clutch pedal pressure normally gets heavier after wear of the clutch disc.
Unity DiscA clutch disc designed with unified parts to reduce the number of components, for cost efficiency.
Clutch SetThe clutch set is made of the clutch disc and clutch cover.
Snap-in Release BearingThe snap-in release bearing is an EXEDY patent for the pull type cover release bearing. The bearing can be taken out with a screwdriver.
Support partsThe parts fitted to the clutch cover to make the installation easier. There are 3 different types. (set bolts, set wire and set plate) All of them are painted.
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Dual Overhead CamAn engine with a pair of overhead camshafts, one to operate the intake valves and the other to operate the exhaust valves.
Electronic Fuel InjectionA fuel system where the fuel injection is controlled electronically.
TurboA turbine that is turned by exhaust gases from the engine.
SuperchargerA mechanism for forcing air into an internal-combustion engine.
Twin CamAn engine with a pair of overhead camshafts, one to operate the intake valves and the other to operate the exhaust valves
Number of GearsReferring to the number of forward gears in the transmission.
DieselAnd engine that is operated by diesel fuel.
Twin Cam TurboAn engine with twin cam and a turbo charger.
Twin TurboAn engine equipped with two turbo chargers.
Liquefied Petroleum GasIs a mixture of hydrocarbon gases used as a fuel in heating appliances and vehicles.
Double CabA truck with a double sized cab.
PTOAbbreviation of Power Take Off. The mechanism is powered by the transmission.
NAVI5Automated manual transmission using dry type clutch system developped world wide by Isuzu in 1983.
Single CabA truck with a single sized cab.
RetarderSub-brake system equipped on commercial vehicles and industrial vehicles.
SmootherThe name of the semi and full automatic transmission for the commercial vehicles of Isuzu.
FF shiftThe mechanism of clutch operation with hydraulic pressure or compressed air by electric signal.
(Hino model)
Dry Type ClutchA clutch system operated without a liquid cooling agent. Simple structure and easy maintenace.
Wet Type ClutchThis is a maintenance-free clutch with liquid cooling agent.
UnificationThe unification of older part numbers to new part number, to reduce the number of stocks.
Function of the clutchThe function of the clutch 1. engage/disengage the power 2. Reduce the noise and vibration
3. The fuse of the drivetrain.
disregard of catalogTo disregard the reference of the catalog. Serious damage/injury may occur.
FaThe facing is the friction area of the clutch disc.
CNPThe cushioning plate is located between the two friction facings and serves as a cushion when the clutch is engauged to prevent shock to the drivetrain.
RPAbbreviation of the retaining plate. Retaining plate houses the torsion springs within the damper.
SHAbbreviation of the splined hub
PPAbbreviation of the pressure plate
DSPAbbreviation of diaphragm spring
DCTA dual clutch transmission (DCT) is a semi-automatic transmission with separate clutches for odd and even gears. The outer clutch drives the odd numbered gears, while the inner clutch drives the even numbered gears.
EEDAbbreviation of the EXEDY Express Delivery
Sports ClutchA clutch assembly intended for the use of high performance.