Clutch Disc Difficult Disengagement

Difficult gear engagement/broken rubber dampeners.

    • Use of inferior or imitation clutch disc.
    • Clutch wound past torque capacity.
    • Inferior rubber compound.
    • Fit genuine Daikin clutch.
    • Driver education.

Damaged clutch facings.

    • Clutch disc has been dropped possibly during installation or;
    • Damaged in transit.
  • Always check before installation that facing is intact.

Torsion dampener stopper springs thrown out of side plate/stop pins worn.

    • Improper driving practice i.e. "dropping" the clutch whilst engine is turning at extremely high revolutions.
    • Down changing of gears i.e. 5th gear to 2nd gear by a low speed/high driving gear method.
    • Wear on the stop pins indicates the clutch plate has been wound past specified torque loading. This has the same affect on the springs.
    • Misalignment.
    • Driver education.
    • Refer misalignment tips.
    • Vehicle used for performance driving. It is advisable to use clutch disc with higher stopper torque capacity. Refer EXEDY Performance and Sports Clutch listings.

Clutch disc completely ruined.

  • Clutch disc fitted incorrectly i.e. back to front.

    • Always check clutch disc on flywheel for fouling before installation.
    • Always refer to installation procedures on EXEDY packaging.

1. Crashing noise in gear box, non release. 2. Warped and bent clutch disc.

    • Hanging of gear box during installation.
    • Not aligning clutch disc and forcing main drive into the spline, therefore, bending the clutch disc hub towards the engine as seen in photo.

      Note: Hanging the gear box during installation pulls the clutch disc hub towards the gear box.
    • Driver resting foot on clutch pedal causing clutch slip due to clutch being in a semi disengaged position. This has caused extreme heat which has warped the disc.
    • Do not hang gear box during clutch installation. Always use a clutch aligning tool.
    • Do not force gear box into clutch disc spline.
    • Driver education/check free travel.