Clutch Cover Noise and Vibration

Diaphragm fouled on clutch disc. Crashing in gear and unable to obtain clutch adjustment.

    • Flywheel depth or step incorrect.
    • Clutch thrust bearing fallen off quill end/gear box nose cone slide.
    • Clutch disc too thick.
    • Incorrectly adjusted (overthrow of clutch mechanism).
    • Check flywheel depth or step height.
    • Check for wear on release bearing quill shaft/gear box nose cone slide.
    • Check clutch disc thickness.
    • Refer to clutch adjustment procedure or replace cable.

Burst pressure plate casting.

    • Over revving of engine that has exceeded vehicle manufacturer's specifications.
    • Over heating of casting due to constant abuse of clutch. The main spring has weakened through extreme influence of heat.
    • Inferior part manufacture.
    • Driver education.
    • Do not use EXEDY covers where engine has been modified to excess manufacturer's RPM specifications.
    • Use EXEDY specified sports clutch. Refer to EXEDY Catalogue or EXEDY Sports Listings where covers are manufactured with nodular iron castings.